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Are you looking to solve problems and learn new skills? Do you lead a team and face the challenge of keeping talent engaged and providing them with growth opportunities? Are you fearful of becoming stagnant and value opportunities for professional development and lifelong learning? Our digital courses provide access to the most tenured talent who will take you from novice to guru on a variety of subjects across marketing, advertising, media, and emerging technologies. Let’s #PowerUp.

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At Atheneum Collective, we provide experts a platform and marketplace to share knowledge that they’re passionate about across a variety of subjects.

On The #PowerUp Blog

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask!

The workforce is more empowered now than ever before, with employees seeking career experiences that contribute to their growth. This leaves companies at risk of losing their best talent

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Lisa Solomon | Lifelong Learner and Founder of Atheneum Collective

Grace Creative’s Age Anthem campaign combats ageism by highlighting women 50+ who recognize they get better as they get older, and are owning their age proudly. Lisa built Atheneum Collective to give a platform for senior-level executives to share their knowledge, and for junior-level employees to learn from best in the industry. By sharing the knowledge gained from years of industry experience, we at Atheneum Collective feel we’re doing our part to combat ageism in advertising too.

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