Knowledge is Power.

Knowledge Shared is Power Mulitplied.


Atheneum Collective offers a customizable digital learning experience designed to enhance your education and career development whether you are just starting out or looking to advance or change your career. Courses are broken into micro-learning segments, focused on marketing, advertising, media, and emerging technologies skills. Choose the classes that fit your needs!


In today’s workforce, 95% of professionals feel they need new skills to stay relevant at work. To answer this need, we provide a collaborative online marketplace of highly reputable thought leaders who are dedicated to empowering individuals and companies to grow by sharing knowledge and facilitating learning within a supportive community.


Regardless of age, we all have something to learn and share. When we all share our knowledge and experience, we grow and rise together. We believe Knowledge is Power and Knowledge Shared is Power Multiplied. Join us and #PowerUp

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Featured Course: Fundamentals of Media Planning with Tanya Zhuk

The Atheneum course library offers a variety of expert online courses designed to empower and inspire this generation of innovators and marketers. Quick, easily-digestible video courses designed for hybrid-skill sets take professional development to the next level.

Crowdsourcing Knowledge

The Atheneum course library spreads knowledge to lifelong learners. As a student, you will solve problems, develop skills, gain micro-certification, and think in the discipline long after the course is over. In today’s workplace, most digital skills have a two-and-a-half to five-year shelf life before they become irrelevant; this is our answer (Deloitte, 2018). Our digital courses provide access to the most tenured talent who will take you from novice to guru on a variety of subjects across marketing, advertising, media, and emerging technologies.


At Atheneum Collective, we provide experts a platform and marketplace to share knowledge that they’re passionate about across a variety of subjects. Experts have the opportunity to contribute and earn money through course sales, webinars, training events, one-on-one student counseling or by consulting with companies in the collective.

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