5 Best Daily Planners

What gets planned gets done. There are a lot of great planners on the market, but we researched and asked our colleagues about the best of the best.

master art of stress

Freedom Mastery Law of Attraction Planner– Frederik Talloen

I use The Law of Attraction Planner and have been over a year; I’m now on my fifth! Freedom Mastery planners are based on the Law of Attraction, using the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. 

This planner provides a 90-day roadmap of self-discovery as well as worksheets for setting your life goals, mission statement, and strategy. It takes about 10 minutes every morning and every evening to make your daily plans and assess your day. My favorite part of the daily ritual is setting my intentions beyond my to-do list with daily quotes and affirmations that I choose. To close the day, I not only assess my accomplishments but also reflect on what I have learned and what I am grateful for. It is the perfect hybrid of a daily planner and daily journal.

Journal Book

Full Focus Planner – Michael Hyatt

Brendon Burchard is a successful motivational speaker who conducted one of the largest studies on high performance and long term success.  He concluded that the following 6 habits are what determine success: seeking clarity, generating energy, raising necessity, increasing productivity, developing influence, and demonstrating courage.

High Performance Planner is set up to help consistently and confidently create these habits. It is both a daily scheduler and productivity journal, plotted out for 60 days at a time (check out our blog The Power of 60 Days for more inspiration). It asks you questions to set your mindset in the morning and questions to assess your day in the evening. There is also a habit review daily scorecard to make sure you are on track to building your performance habits.

For more about how to build these healthy habits, check out Burchard’s book High Performance Habits.

Daily Page

Inner Guide Planning System

This is a wildly popular planner based on the principle of focusing on what matters most. You won’t be wasting your time on tasks that are not going to help you hit your goals.  

There is a huge Facebook community dedicated to this system. Michael Hyatt has over 300,000 followers that he calls “Full Focusers,” and many of them say that this planning system has helped them reach their goals and make more money. The features most appreciated in the planner are the Achievement Goals, Key Motivations, Next Steps, Daily Big 3 Tasks, Weekly Reviews, and Daily Rituals. In addition to journal pages and the worksheets you would expect in a planner, the Full Frontal Planning framework also includes its own symbolic language to help further streamline productivity. There are books and courses available to help you build your full focus system.

Daily Spread

High Performance Planner – Brendon Burchard

The Life Coach in a Book is designed to help you develop a deeper level of self-awareness and gain clarity on what you truly want to achieve.  In addition to setting your goals, the planner helps you to focus on either primary actions (those that actually move your forward) and secondary actions (those that don’t yield results but still support your progress in other ways). 

The daily planner is simpler than most, featuring open ended pages where you can set your goals and intentions. At the end of each day, there is a check-in to see how your actions are moving you toward your goals. A friend of mine that uses this planner likes that it’s more about taking action and not as much of a daily journal with lots of questions to answer.  However, they enjoy the weekly assessments that focus on your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results. The planner asks helpful questions without being overwhelming.  


Keep It Daily Practice

Daily Greatness

My creative friends love this planner. The Daily Greatness Journal is designed to guide you through 8 daily steps of meditation, intentions, dream journaling, gratitude, evening self-awareness, exercise, inspired action, and inspiration. Weekly check-ins track your progress and monthly check-ins highlight new opportunities.

This journal is not only aesthetically pleasing, but the discovery questions hold much more than your run of the mill journal prompts. Each day has a unique prompt, encouraging you to really think about your actions, mindset, and intentions. In addition to the original Daily Greatness Journal, they have created more focused journals designed for both Wellness and for Parenting. 

Is the daily planner you use not on this list? Send us a note support@atheneumcollective.com., and show us on social media by tagging #bestdailyplanner. We love to gather feedback to help everyone get more organized and PowerUp their day!

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