We are digital advertising pioneers.

We started our careers when companies were first building websites, when access to the internet or the “World Wide Web,” was from a dial-up modem….

And when digital success was defined by “hits.” It is stunning how much advertising has changed over the last 20 years with the rise of mobile, social, and advertising technology. The one thing that has not changed is the need to stay current through professional development and skills training. 
We had our “aha” moment after taking a close look at our industry. Our colleagues from over the last 20 years have an incredible amount of institutional knowledge to share and an outpouring of passion to share that knowledge with rising marketers and innovators. There is also a growing number of incredibly smart people who are joining our industry with little-to-no training. We saw an opportunity to bridge this digital skills gap by providing a platform of crowdsourced knowledge. Inspired by Athena, the goddess of wisdom, courage, and skill, Atheneum Collective is a place where you can take engaging courses taught by experts immersed in the marketing, advertising, media, and emerging technology industries.


We offer a customizable digital learning experience designed to upskill your education and career development. whether you are just starting out or looking to advance or change your career.


in today’s workforce, 95% of professionals feel they need new skills to stay relevant at work. We have a network of highly reputable experts who are dedicated to facilitating learning and cultivating a supportive community.


Regardless of age or stage in our career, we all have something to learn and share. When we all share our knowledge and experience, we grow and rise together. join us to #PowerUp!

Knowledge is Power. Knowledge Shared is Power Multiplied.

About The Founder

Lisa Solomon has always been a community builder and pioneer in digital media and advertising. She has an extensive track record of building and leading successful teams and driving revenue in the digital media industry. Lisa is a creative and collaborative sales executive who has driven breakthrough branded content and digital advertising campaigns. Her experience in digital sales and media strategy includes working at some of the top companies in the world, like AOL, Microsoft, and NBC Universal, as well as innovative startups like Omaze and AddThis.

Early in her internet advertising career, Lisa was a founding member of the first community dedicated to the buyers and sellers of internet media, the Society for Internet Advancement (SIA), where she helped create a community dedicated to educating and legitimizing the internet as a place to reach, connect, and convert consumers. Later she moved her leadership role to the Ad Club Interactive, now ThinkLA, which is the largest marketing and advertising community in Southern California. Lisa has dedicated much of her career to educating and providing thought leadership in her passion for online advertising/marketing and brand partnerships.

Lisa practices goodwill and enthusiasm on a daily basis. One of Lisa’s strengths is her collaborative nature and her ability to recognize each individual’s unique contribution. Atheneum Collective is a collaboration of Lisa’s passion for the world of advertising, her extensive leadership and business skills, and her focus on building communities. She lives her mantra, “Knowledge is Power and Knowledge Shared is Power Multiplied.”

Lisa Solomon Signature