Atheneum Collective Launches Media Math Virtual Course with Agency Lite’s Linda Fernandez and Anna Locke

Learn to Understand the Changing Landscape of ROI

Atheneum Collective, the “Master Class of advertising and marketing,” is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with digital media experts, Anna Locke and Linda Fernandez for the launch of Media Math: Understanding the Changing Landscape of ROI virtual course. 


Media math is an essential tool in an understanding of media planning, negotiating media pricing, analyzing performance metrics, and maintaining billing. With the increase of advertising and marketing opportunities and evermore the competition for consumers’ wallets, it’s important for advertisers to develop the skills needed to ensure a successful campaign, with the highest return on investment possible. 

This 9-video course is designed for both individuals and teams within the marketing industry who are involved in the media planning and buying/selling process. Four key phases of campaign management will be discussed: media planning, media buying, campaign performance, and billing reconciliation. 

Viewers can expect to learn:

  • The key phases of campaign management
  • Essential glossary and formulas for Digital, TV, Print and OOH media
  • Research tools used in media planning
  • Steps to establish campaign goals
  • How to use reach and composition index metrics when making decisions
  • Different pricing models across various mediums
  • Effective ways to measure performance and reconcile a campaign
  • And more!

The course includes a refined resource guide equipped with templates for media planning, unlimited access to all course materials (including video), Atheneum Collective’s private Facebook entry for ongoing networking and discussions, additional lesson updates as strategies evolve, and the opportunity to ask questions with Locke and Fernandez.

About the Experts


Linda Fernandez

Linda is an accomplished integrated marketing professional with an established record of developing effective, award-winning strategies and delivering value to her clients. With 17 years of experience and having worked both in Los Angeles and New York City she has a diverse portfolio supporting Blue Chip companies such as Hyundai, Kia, Johnson & Johnson, Wells Fargo, Amazon, and Sony to name a few. Her efforts are recognized within the industry community, resulting in her being a nominee for ThinkLA’s Agency Person of The Year in 2017.

Through her passion for marketing and experience working as an independent contractor, Linda co-founded Agency Lite with her former colleague and close friend Anna Locke. In addition to being a savvy marketer, Linda is also a professional photographer under the alias name Lin Marty, where she focuses on online personal branding & event photography within the influencer marketing and knowledge-based industries.

See Linda’s full bio on our Experts page.


Anna Locke

Anna is an established marketer with 11 years of media experience on multi-million dollar brands including Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Annapurna, Mercury Insurance, Mandalay Bay, etc. She is an expert in creating integrated campaigns bridging traditional and digital strategies to help her clients build impactful relationships with their customers, drive innovation, increase sales, and even win the Super Bowl.  

Her strong passion for advertising and media led to co-creating with her friend and mentor, Linda Fernandez, a company “Agency Lite” whose primary mission is to support and provide all the necessary intelligence, research, and tools for independent or in-house marketing professionals that need on-going access to industry trends and media partner updates to best service their clients. 

See Anna’s full bio on our Experts page.    

About Atheneum Collective
Atheneum Collective is a collaborative marketplace of highly reputable thought leaders in marketing, advertising, media, and emerging technologies who are dedicated to empowering individuals and companies to grow by sharing their knowledge. Offering a customizable professional learning experience designed to enhance career development, whether one is at the point of job entry, looking to advance their career, or change career paths altogether.

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