Cannabis Marketing Master Course Part 1

The Essential Guide To Starting Your Cannabis Brand

Part 1 of our award-winning Cannabis Marketing Master Course focuses on the anatomy of the marijuana plant, the compounds, associated products, and how to start your own cannabis brand from scratch. Understanding the complexities of the plant and its nuances is essential to success in the cannabis industry.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is curious about learning the cannabis plant, getting into the cannabis industry, and/or learning more about the marketing side of the cannabis business. No matter what part of the cannabis industry you pursue, this course provides the foundation for you to thrive in the business.

Trusted Experts

Self Paced + On Demand

Job Relevant


What You’ll Learn

  • The history of cannabis 
  • Plant basics, chemical compounds, and cannabis products
  • How to determine if the cannabis business is the right path for you
  • How to get into the cannabis business

What You’ll Get

  • A comprehensive resource guide with step-by-step instructions, templates, tools, and strategies to put your learnings into immediate action.
  • Updates as laws, rules, and regulations change
  • Access to bonus courses and expert interviews from cannabis industry professionals
  • Unlimited access to the video course
  • Additional video updates and lessons as they become available
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

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Jim Baudino
Jim Baudino is an advisor, investor and award-winning executive who has held leadership roles across cannabis, automotive, financial services and medical industries with a focus and expertise in bringing consumer brands to market.
Jim Baudino