Cultivating Happiness

Energize yourself with positive psychology!

Are you happy? We are living in a fast paced, ever changing world.  It’s more important than ever that we turn our attention inward and invest in maximizing our own capacity and vibrancy.  

But how? Our online course, anchored in positive psychology, provides a comprehensive understanding of how powerful our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are in how we show up and function in our careers and life.

In Cultivating Happiness, you will have an opportunity to be immersed in the practice of happiness through the lens of seven actionable pillars: information, activities, self-awareness and intentional changes.  

Specifically, participants will learn:

  • The science behind happiness and emerging research from positive psychology
  • The specific physiological and psychological benefits of practicing happiness
  • A deep dive into The Happiness 7, or pillars to sustainable happiness
  • Activities, practices, tools,  and self-awareness exercises designed to increase enhance your overall quality of life.
  • And more!