Digital Media Buying

An Essential Guide to the Digital Media Landscape

Are you ready to grow your business with paid media? Do you want to maximize the world’s largest platforms to get new customers? Digital Media Buying will give you an overview of the digital media landscape with a step-by-step tutorial on the exact moves you need to get your advertising campaigns live on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google.

Experts Olivia Hawkins and Jeff Nicholson have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in paid media from Fortune 100 brands to emerging small businesses across a variety of verticals, and they’re ready to share their knowledge with you!

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for agencies, business owners, strategists and students who understand the importance of paid digital media and are ready to learn how to start advertising on their own. As long as your business has a website, credit card, and a clear goal in mind for advertising, these lessons are an excellent launch pad for success in digital media buying.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Overview of the Digital Ecosystem and Platforms 
  • Step by Step Lessons on how to buy media on today’s largest platforms
  • Insights into Google Ads for both search and display
  • How to buy media across the Facebook Ecosystem
  • How to maximize Pay Per Click and bid auctions
  • How to build your audience targeting strategies
  • How to optimize campaigns, track conversions and measure your ROI
  • And more!

What You’ll Get

  • Unlimited access to the video course
  • A comprehensive resource guide with step-by-step instructions, templates, tools, and strategies to put your learnings into immediate action.
  • Direct access to discussions with experts and live Q&As
  • Additional video updates and lessons as they become available
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
Olivia Hawkins
Olivia Hawkins currently serves as the Managing Director of NicholNotes, focused on growing businesses and prospective employees through education. Prior to joining NicholNotes, Olivia worked at various digital marketing agencies in Atlanta and New York, including VaynerMedia.
Olivia Hawkins profile Picture
Jeff Nicholson
Jeff Nicholson
Jeff Nicholson spent the early part of his career running ads, building businesses, facilitating acquisition and sale of multiple companies, and driving marketing performance and strategy for Fortune 500’s. He became the first Global Chief Media officer at VaynerMedia in 2017 and has had the privilege of working with and directly influencing the growth of some of the largest and most respected brands in the World.