Covid-19 & The Rise of eLearning

By: Lisa Solomon

In March of 2020, we shifted our work life to deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic by scrambling to turn our homes into workplaces. Conferences and events were canceled, face to face meetings were rescheduled as Zoom calls, and employees were trying to figure out how to productively work from home. With cases on the rise, remote working will continue to be the reality for the advertising, marketing, and media industries. 

At the beginning of the year, LinkedIn Learning shared their fourth annual report on workplace learning. They reported that as digital transformation continues to exponentially evolve, business leaders will be preparing for a three to five year evolution to upskill and reskill their talent, but in the age of COVID-19, companies don’t have three to five years. Companies need to take action now by finding learning solutions that are scalable to provide their employees with what they need to know, why they need to know it, and how they can apply it in the real world.

Given this change in how we work, how do you continue to reskill and upskill your teams?  

In a recent article Keith Weed shared the following:  

What I am calling for is a mindset shift from sporadic training days on particular issues to a commitment to ongoing learning. That will require a blend of company led formal training and ongoing self-help. The challenge is that marketing has changed so much in recent years. With all the many opportunities to engage with consumers through multiple different channels which require multiple different approaches, it’s not surprising that marketers are finding it hard to keep up.

The flip side is marketers who build their capability muscles will be more and more in demand. So yes, leaders do need to invest in their people with training but individuals need to also invest in themselves. While marketing’s transformation is being largely driven by technology, technology also offers development opportunities. There are some great high value, low price online training options out there. 

We built Atheneum Collective for this exact reason. Our industry needs as much training and self-directed learning as possible, and we believe that learning from experts in our industry is the best way to do this. Why should every agency independently teach the Fundamentals of Media Planning when an online course can provide that information? Instead, an agency and/or brand can focus on how those principles work for their clients and their agency, and spare time by allowing their employees a learn-at-your-own-pace experience.   

The use of digital technologies to create new or existing business processes, culture and customer experience make it imperative that we champion an environment for growth and access to training to help employees learn and improve existing skills or add new skills that can lead them to a new role or an expanded role.

Don’t get left behind! The need for self-directed, on-demand courses is more important now than ever. Don’t hesitate to reach out to to see how we can help you or your organization #PowerUp! 

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