Create Your Influencer Roadmap with Susana Yee

By: Lisa Solomon

As I began to build Atheneum Collective in 2019, I joined an EmpowHer LA cohort where we met monthly to create our vision, purpose, and strategies for both business and life. I met some incredible women through this experience, one of them being Susana Yee. 

Susana Yee is an acclaimed marketing consultant with twenty years of experience in building effective strategy-driven influencer marketing campaigns for companies like Kate Spade, Guess  Jeans, O.N.E. Coconut Water, and Clutter Storage. Her expertise lies in helping brands create a roadmap that covers a total business marketing strategy and shapes brand identity.

After watching Susana’s interviews and listening to her podcasts on Influencer Marketing, I knew she had to be a part of the Atheneum Collective expert lineup. We were thrilled to offer her Influencer Marketing Roadmap course on our platform!

Lisa Solomon (LS): Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
Susana Yee (SY): I was born in Boston and went to school in New York before moving to California. I like hiking with my family and our dog or traveling to different countries with my family. Trying new foods. Cooking with my daughter.

LS: What are you most proud of in your career so far? 
SY: The fact that I created a company and job that offers a service that companies want and need.

LS: What led you to become a marketing consultant? 
SY: In the 5th grade the teacher asked us to create a career board and somehow I created a board with a woman working in an advertising agency because I thought that would be fun. I ended up working in various marketing jobs right out of college from fashion to startups and finally found that I liked working in digital marketing.

LS: What kind of course or resources do you wish you had when you were starting your career to set you on the right path and encourage lifelong learning? 
SY: If only in college there were more practical courses. I went to a great college but it was more of a liberal arts college. I think it taught me to be creative in my thinking and help me with problem-solving, but I think some practical courses like marketing would have been great for me. If I had access to more practical occupation-related courses in college, I may have figured out exactly what I wanted to do sooner.

LS: What tools do you find indispensable for those working in digital marketing? 
SY: There are lots of different platforms that are available out there that really help make my job easier but I have to say Google Documents and Google Sheets is one of the best work tools for my job to share information with clients and my team.

LS: Any advice for those looking to get into marketing? 
SY: Work at an agency and learn everything from the agency side. You learn so much from an agency because there are so many different clients and so much different work that you can do and learn on the job. My work experience at The Marketing Heaven agency has contributed the most to what I am today in terms of profession.

LS: How can our students learn more about influencer marketing? What books or publications do you find most helpful? 
SY: There are lots of great online sites about what is going on in influencer marketing and since it is changing so fast, I suggest Googling the topic and reading the newest piece of news because in a few months all of it can change again.

LS: What are you most proud of in your career so far?
SY: I am most proud of the fact that I have been able to do something that I like every single day for work and created a company and job that I like to do.

LS: What’s your career motto? 
SY: Learn something new all of the time.

LS: Why did you create this course? 
SY: I created a system that helped me when doing an influencer campaign for a client and I thought other companies could benefit from this course as well.

LS: Who should sign up for Influencer Marketing Roadmap? 
SY: Brands that want to take their influencer marketing in house or People who work within a company and want to learn how to do their own influencer marketing in house instead of hiring an agency.

Need to #PowerUp your influencer marketing? Register for Influencer Marketing Roadmap in partnership with Susana Yee today!

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