Digital Production: Making It Work, Making It Worth It

By: Don Lupo, Atheneum Collective Expert

We all live in the digital space. It’s part of being human in 2019. As marketers, we want consumers to interact with our campaigns, our branded apps, and our clients’ websites. As consumers, we want a digital experience that’s easy to use, engaging, and useful.

However, as we walk that line between marketer and consumer, we sometimes lose track of what people want and need in order to properly engage with brands in the digital space. And, we have a responsibility to our businesses and agencies to make sure that we continue to make money as we serve our clients.

This is where process can help. Digital Production (or digital project management) is notorious for taking too long, costing too much, and making almost no profit. It doesn’t have to be that way. With the right process in place and the right digital producers to handle it all, digital production can be much more efficient and much more profitable.

It all starts with the right people. A great digital producer is your go-to for process and profitability. They will be able to estimate the project, manage teams and vendors, and ensure that it’s all coordinated with account teams and the client.

Profitability comes into play not only with proper estimating; it is the result of empowering digital producers and production teams to adjust process where needed so that it can be more efficient. This concept of kaizen (constant improvement) enables them to find ways to save time while serving the client even better.

On one team I worked with, we reduced typical production time for a monthly project from three weeks to one. That saved a lot of money and convinced the client to give us more work, which made us more profitable.

Some quick tips:

  1. Hire digital producers who know the right processes, the right tools, and are constantly learning how to make it all work better.
  2. The right digital producer will be the consummate diplomat and the person you call when you want to know how a creative idea will work best in the digital space.
  3. Process has to be implemented properly: it must have buy-in and support from management and should be written in (virtual) stone.
  4. Communication is key, especially when working with creative teams who might not have the same digital acumen as producers. Visit Work together and work it out.

In my Atheneum Collective course, Digital Production: Process and Profitability, we talk about the four key phases of a digital project, how proper estimating can make a difference, and the importance of using the right tools to track it all.

You can complain that digital projects are inefficient or unprofitable, or you can do something about it Irish Paving. Put the right people and processes in place, or resign yourself to a predetermined fate. The choice is yours.

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