Diversify your perspective with three simple tricks

By: Lisa Solomon

Diversifying your perspective is an essential ingredient for success.  Gathering new insights from others cultivates your own perspectives no matter your experience or your age.  This is how we evolve and grow. We gather ideas, perspectives and knowledge that ultimately helps us be more creative, more clever and ultimately come up with our own ideas.  

Have you ever looked at a conference agenda and thought, “Am I going to learn anything? I already know about most of these topics,” then the speaker starts to deliver a totally different angle on what you thought you knew?

There is so much to learn from those who do the same work as you.  For instance, a yoga teacher still goes to yoga classes to learn from other teachers and strengthen their instructing skills.  If you took a class on writing horror novels from Stephen King, you would learn a completely different angle on doing so than you would if you took a class from Dean Koontz.  Celebrity Chef Daniel Boulud is going to prepare a steak a lot differently than Guy Fieri!

Feeling a bit stuck in your own frame of mind? Here are 3 simple ways to gather new perspectives:

  1. Expand your Network – Explore communities and events where you can meet new people with different ideas that ultimately help you see things in a new light.  Consider a combination of in-person events and online networking such as Fishbowl or Facebook Groups. 
  2. Listen More –  Listen with an open mind.  Be open to understanding new viewpoints without judgement. It is human nature to block out ideas that we don’t like or disagree with but you don’t have to agree to learn something different. This takes practice but well worth it to evolve your own ideas and perspectives.
  3. Read More –  Take the time and space to read.  The amount of content available today can be overwhelming but seek out opportunities to read new books, magazines, or blogs to sharpen your point of view.  Have your favorite newsletters delivered to your inbox, subscribe to content aggregators like Apple News, Feedly or Alltop, or use tools like Bloglovin to organize your favorite blogs.

Perspectives will change and evolve over time as you encounter new experiences. It is important to remain flexible and remain willing to embrace change. The more you diversify your perspective, the more your life will flourish both personally and professionally.

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