Lisa Solomon’s “Opportunity Knocks,” EmpowHerLA Interview

Opportunity Knocks with Michelle Wolf of EmpowHer Purpose is a video and podcast interview series featuring female entrepreneurs. These episodes are here to give you insight into how to take, make, create and evaluate opportunities. So listen in, knock knock, and open the door to an intimate conversation with Lisa Solomon!


  • Lisa is an “Internet OG,” a true pioneer in the internet digital space. Convince people to have websites, then started working with brands to help them use the internet to advertise and to connect with their consumers in a new way. She took that knowledge and experience and became the first digital ad sales rep in Los Angeles for Microsoft.
  • When starting a business, it’s best to just start doing it. Create a website, write down your values, vision and your mission. “You don’t know anything until you actually do it.”
  • “My favorite parts of creating Atheneum Collective is connecting with people. Atheneum Collective was built on the principles of connecting people, sharing wisdom, and empowering ourselves to learn and grow personally and professionally.”
  • Power Skills, AKA “soft skills,” things you have to do how to do, to be good a your job, should be practiced daily.
  • Lisa’s 2021 word: GRIT. Stay tuned to see which Atheneum Collective course Lisa will teach herself. ☺️

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