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We are building a collective of seasoned industry experts who have important knowledge and unique perspectives to share. They are heavily-vetted professionals who not only have deep marketing, advertising, media, or emerging tech chops, but also know how to illustrate and teach concepts with a helpful, actionable approach. From major corporate leaders to successful entrepreneurs, our experts share their insider knowledge and exclusive resources to help you #PowerUp and get where you want to go. Explore our experts below:

SVP, Enterprise Solutions

Digital Brand Consultant

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Digital Advertising and Innovation Professional
Content Marketing Consultant / Private Tutor
Brand Partnerships, Digital Media and Marketing Executive
Chief Creative at Key Activations
Passionate Leader and Storyteller
Chief Revenue Officer
Digital Marketing Executive

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Atheneum Collective helps seasoned professionals in advertising, marketing, media, and emerging technologies turn their specialized knowledge and talents into engaging, transformative online courses. Atheneum Collective provides the roadmap to turn your expertise into passive income and is a collaborative online marketplace that connects you with a following of qualified students looking to grow personally and professionally.

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