Linda “Lin Marty” Fernandez

Linda "Lin Marty" Fernandez

Linda “Lin Marty” Fernandez

Marketing Professional and Professional Brand Photographer

Co-founder of Agency Lite and Founder of Lin Marty Photography

Linda is an accomplished integrated marketing professional with an established record of developing effective, award-winning strategies and delivering value to her clients. With 17 years of experience and having worked both in Los Angeles and New York City she has a diverse portfolio supporting Blue Chip companies such as Hyundai, Kia, Johnson & Johnson, Wells Fargo, Amazon, and Sony to name a few. Her efforts are recognized within the industry community, resulting in her being a nominee for ThinkLA’s Agency Person of The Year in 2017.

Through her passion for marketing and experience working as an independent contractor, Linda co-founded Agency Lite with her former colleague and close friend Anna Locke.  Agency Lite’s primary mission is to support and provide all the necessary intelligence, research, and tools for independent or in-house marketing professionals that need on-going access to industry trends and media partner updates to best service their clients.  In addition to being a savvy marketer, Linda is also a professional photographer under the alias name Lin Marty, where she focuses on online personal branding & event photography within the influencer marketing and knowledge-based industries. 

Linda graduated from Cal State University, Fullerton majoring in Communications with a minor in Human Communication Studies.  When she is not hanging out with her husband, Louie, and her two pups Humphrey and Bailey, you will often find Linda speaking on panels, making guest appearances on Podcasts, and participating in local workshops discussing entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and photography. 

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