Tanya Zhuk

Tanya Zhuk

Digital Marketing Executive

Tanya has over ten years of ad agency and publisher/entertainment experience. She has spent most of her career working for major media and advertising agencies in Los Angeles and New York. While she has always been a huge fan of advertising—at a young age watching Who’s The Boss and admiring Angela’s career in the big city—she didn’t always know it would be media that would propel her career. She started her career in broadcast traffic and quickly realized it was for her. After a few rounds at various agencies, she landed at a small multicultural agency in LA where she was a traditional media associate. At a time when digital media was going through its first major boom, she took on the digital role for new and existing clients. This turned into a decade of passionate work in developing buys, measurement, and instilling digital knowledge across accounts big and small. Her last experience was a culmination of many years of planning and buying where she led the integrated team for Amazon Studios, launching campaigns for their robust streaming and theatrical business.

Tanya is excited to be a member of Atheneum Collective because she recognizes that training and knowledge are not uniform in the media and advertising space. Helping others have fundamental knowledge will create new leaders that are open to improving process and business as opposed be held back by knowledge.

In her personal time, Tanya enjoys the outdoors and is an avid hiker and backpacker. She also believes that work hard means play hard and that the globe is her oyster. She has even combined her passion for the outdoors and travel when she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro last year and traveled to the Serengeti and Zanzibar.