Atheneum Collective FAQ’s

Is this class a scheduled online course with an instructor with a specific day/time? 

The course is available anytime. There are no set days/times to access a course. 

How many times can I watch a course/lesson? 

The course is broken down into short video lessons that are viewable at any time; they can be paused, fast-forwarded, and re-watched as many times as you’d like. 

Who creates the curriculum? 

The curriculum for each course is designed by the expert. Each course includes extensive pre-recorded video content, a downloadable course resource guide, and access to the Atheneum Collective Facebook community. 

Do I need to finish a lesson before going onto the next lesson? 

No. While we recommend taking the lessons in order you can move through the lessons at your own pace and preference. 

Is it a specific number of weeks it needs to be completed, or do I go at my own pace? 

All courses are taken at your own pace. The site says a course is “coming soon”, when does the course begin? Once it goes live on the site, it will be available to purchase. Once you purchase you have access to the class as often as you like for as long as you like. 

What happens if the industry changes and the course material is out of date? 

As the industry changes (in particular, the Cannabis Industry) lessons will be edited to be kept up to date and additional bonus content may be provided. These will all be included once you have purchased the course. 

Does payment for the class need to be the complete amount, or can I do several payments? 

Payment is the total amount of course. We do not offer payment plans. Most educational classes are tax-deductible, you may want to discuss with your company if they pay for continuing education. 

How do I become an expert and teach a course?

 We are always looking to expand our online learning library. Please reach out via [email protected] to provide us with your name, expertise, examples of a course you are interested in teaching for evaluation.

 I created a course already and would like to include it in your library, is that possible? 

Yes, if you would like to have your course included in our library, please send an email to [email protected] with a link to your course for evaluation. 

How do I buy courses for multiple team members? 

Atheneum Collective offers enterprise level agreements. Please contact [email protected] for details.