4 Daily Routines to Hit Your Goals

The end of 2019 is approaching us. Do you remember what resolutions you made back in January? You may have wanted to get in better shape, spend more time with family and friends, or finish that dream project you’ve been working on for years. If you haven’t checked anything off the list yet, don’t be too hard on yourself.  You get busy, you change your priorities or maybe you lose your motivation, all these factors can stop us from reaching our goals and resolutions. But all is not lost, we have some inspiration to help you get back on track.

Research shows that it takes about twenty-one days to establish a solid routine, which means you still have about a month and a half of 2019 to achieve some resolutions. Try any (if not all) of these simple routines to help hit your goals.

1. Choose a quote of the day
Lisa Solomon, Founder & CEO of Atheneum Collective, swears by her daily quotes. First, identify notable figures that inspire you. You can easily search for any of their wise words online and write them down to read throughout the day. Brainy Quote has a vast database of inspirational quotes. You can also check out their app; turn on the notifications so you can receive the quotes daily.  Words have power and can be powerful tools to change our thinking in positive ways.

2. Set a few goals for the day
No matter how complex or simple, set goals every morning. Make a check-list, and feel the satisfaction of crossing the goal off the list once complete. If you’re not one for writing things down, check out the Any.do app. You can easily make checklists and set reminders to keep you on track.  It is easier to hit those big goals or resolutions by breaking them down into smaller tasks. 

3. What are you grateful for today?
Even on our worst days there are things to be grateful for. Start a running gratitude list of the aspects of life you’re the most thankful for. On days when it’s difficult to get motivated, look at your list and take time to reflect.  A practice of daily gratitude has been shown to increase your overall well being of both mind and body.  

4. What did you learn today?
Everyday is filled with new opportunities, so when you’re unwinding after a hectic day, reflect on the knowledge you gained. A co-worker may have enlightened you on a better way to streamline workflow, or maybe you learned something about your personal working style that you’d like to tweak. Recognizing the knowledge you’ve gained is an essential part of ending your day and will set you up for success for the following day.

As the quote says “We are what we repeatedly do,” therefore, setting up routines can help us have a more balanced life.  They can keep us on track, provide motivation and often provide opportunities for self discovery. Try these simple tools to have a smooth running day and get your goals back on track.

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