Lisa Solomon on AlixCompany Podcast!

Susie Perez, contributing planner at AlixCompany, sat down with founder & CEO Lisa Solomon to talk all things Atheneum Collective. Lisa also voiced her views on sharing knowledge, female empowerment, and the importance of exchanging perspectives (and gave a sneak peak of the upcoming Media Buying course!).

On sharing knowledge:
“I think too often we forget that what we know can help someone else. I think for me it’s the idea of curating knowledge. I have this incredible network of people, and if I could get each one of them to share what they know in a way that other people can learn, that to me is so empowering.”

On female empowerment:
“Women are less likely to say that they are an expert… I want more women to come forward and say, ‘yes I have something I’m an expert on,’ and if that means I have to help them figure that out and kind of pull it out of them, I really want to do that.”

On perspective:
“Perspectives are what help us grow. They are what help us define ourselves beyond what we see everyday. And having the ability to reach out to new people differently or have an experience or have different context. Those are the types of things that are going to make us all grow individually.”

Head here to listen to the entire podcast and #PowerUp!

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