Lisa Solomon on Commercial Grade Podcast!

Founder and CEO Lisa Solomon was the featured guest on Commercial Grade Podcast’s season finale. Hosted by award winning Advertising Executive Christie Bishop, this podcast gives listeners an inside view on commercial campaigns. On this episode Lisa shares priceless perspective on the industry, an inside look at Atheneum Collective’s courses and experts, and insight on her career journey.

On her personal sales style…
“I never thought of myself as a sales person, but as a relationship person.”

On Atheneum Collective’s new Cannabis Marketing course with Jim Baudino…
“It truly is master course and part of it is because [when] you are in that business you have to understand so much about the actual plant. We’ve moved away from buying it on a street corner in a baggy… these brands have created incredible, new ways about thinking about cannabis.”

On becoming an effective leader …
“My philosophy is [to] figure out what’s good and then figure out how I can make it better. So I was always looking at the people, the processes, the product. What were doing right but what could we do better and I think that coming from a place where you’re uplifting people for me that was how my leadership style was. How do I motivate? How do I inspire? How do I understand the business? What do we need in order to get better? The idea of continuous growth, and continuous improvement…”

There is so much knowledge to gain in the season finale of Commercial Grade podcast! Head here to listen and #PowerUp!

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