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With sixteen years of integrated marketing experience and an established record of developing effective, award-winning strategies, Linda “Lin Marty” Fernandez has used her expertise to provide outstanding value to her clients within the automotive, entertainment, financial, and CPG industries on both on a national and local scale. I have been a follower of Linda’s photography work and can’t wait to have her take photos for Atheneum Collective.  She is so talented. I chatted with Lin about her career, favorite podcasts, and recommendations for up and coming media executives.

Lisa Solomon (LS): Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Linda Fernandez (LF)
I am a California native that grew up in the suburbs outside of Downtown Los Angeles. I grew up in a modest household, so I started working at the age of 15 and developed leadership skills well before finishing college and starting a career in advertising. Most would describe me as a hard worker, self-determined, confident, kind, and an extrovert.  When I am not focused on my career I love to travel, read a good book, shoot street photography, and mentor individuals looking to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

LS: What are you most proud of in your career so far?
LF: The courage to take the leap and become a serial entrepreneur by founding Lin Marty Photography and co-founding Agency Lite with my business partner Anna Locke. It is extremely rewarding to apply the skillset and knowledge I acquired throughout my career to not only serve our audience through Agency Lite but taking it a step further as I work with my photography clients.

LS: What led you to become a media professional?
LF: I was that kid that always knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. I have been fascinated with the advertising industry since I was 12 years old and knew I would go to college and work at an agency once I earned my degree. It wasn’t until I had my first internship that I discovered I loved media planning and buying.

LS: What kind of course or resources do you wish you had when you were starting your career to set you on the right path and encourage lifelong learning?
LF: I wish there were on-demand online learning courses when I was entering the field of advertising, specifically around creative direction and copywriting. I also wish the popularity of podcasts existed when I entered the industry. There is so much knowledge shared these days making it easy to absorb information during morning and afternoon commutes.

LS: What tools do you find indispensable for those working in media?
LF: Networking at industry events and syndicated research, such as eMarketer. The industry is very tight, so building a strong network is crucial when looking for new job opportunities or seeking a mentor. Syndicated research allows for quick access to intel that provides insights for building plans and recommendations.

LS: Any advice for those looking to get into media?
LF: It is a very demanding but rewarding career. It’s definitely not a 9 to 5 job, but what I love most about it is having a glimpse into media properties that will change the way we consume content. A large part of the job is being able to understand and determine trends beforehand, so it keeps things exciting. 

LS: How can our students learn more about media?
LF: We live in a world where information is literally a Google search away. There is also an explosion of free podcasts sharing knowledge and point of views on all things media making it easy to consume information while commuting or lounging at home. I recommend Adlandia, Recode Decode, The Digiday Podcast, Girlboss Radio, and Behind The Numbers.

LS: What books or publications do you find most helpful?
LF: I find all the major trade publications, such as Ad Age, Adweek, and Media Week very informative. 

LS: What’s the best advice you ever received?
LF: As you navigate through your career, don’t see it as a straight line. Your career should be a windy road, with many skills and lessons picked up and learned along the way. 

LS: What excites you for the future?
LF: Growing my businesses and collaborating more with folks in the advertising community to bring knowledge to the masses. 

LS: What is still your biggest challenge?
LF: Keeping up with all the changes in data privacy and media usage fragmentation, specifically with content distribution across linear, CTV and mobile.

LS: What do you want your legacy to be?
LF: My purpose is to support others in achieving their dreams and building confidence within their skill set. I want people to remember me as optimistic, helpful and fun.

LS: What’s next for you?
LF: Building Agency Lite to its full potential over the next 3 years and taking on larger photography clients.

Lin Marty is co-founder of Agency Lite, a marketing & advertising intelligence agency, and online community.

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