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Meet Anna Locke

Lisa Solomon, Founder Anna Locke has extensive experience working with multi-million dollar brands and building relationships with clients that increase sales and show results. She’s

Meet Linda “Lin Marty” Fernandez

Lisa Solomon, Founder With sixteen years of integrated marketing experience and an established record of developing effective, award-winning strategies, Linda “Lin Marty” Fernandez has used

What Makes Cannabis Essential?

How the Cannabis Industry, Plant, and Consumer have become essential to society and the advertising world. By: Jim Baudino Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has been impacting

Is There A Formula To Success?

By: Lisa Solomon I recently spent an entire day in my home office attending Hawke Media’s virtual Quarantine Conference, and I have to say, it

Paul Santello

Sales Tips in a Time of Crisis

Struggling with how to be an effective media seller in the middle of a pandemic or a crisis? We know times are hard for people right now on all sides of the advertising business. Here are my five sales tips in a time of crisis:

What Motivates You?

By: Lisa Solomon On a recent Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast, Jenna and her coach, Dean Graziosi discuss how Jenna can scale her already very