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What Makes Cannabis Essential?

How the Cannabis Industry, Plant, and Consumer have become essential to society and the advertising world. By: Jim Baudino Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has been impacting

Is There A Formula To Success?

By: Lisa Solomon I recently spent an entire day in my home office attending Hawke Media’s virtual Quarantine Conference, and I have to say, it

Paul Santello

Sales Tips in a Time of Crisis

Struggling with how to be an effective media seller in the middle of a pandemic or a crisis? We know times are hard for people right now on all sides of the advertising business. Here are my five sales tips in a time of crisis:

What Motivates You?

By: Lisa Solomon On a recent Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast, Jenna and her coach, Dean Graziosi discuss how Jenna can scale her already very

5 Best Daily Planners

5 Best Daily Planners

What gets planned gets done. There are a lot of great planners on the market, but we researched and asked our colleagues about the best

The Power of 60 Days

By: Lisa Solomon A new year begins and we all feel the pressure to set our goals. It’s overwhelming to plan an entire year’s worth