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Winning More Business for Media Sellers

You get the big meeting with an advertising agency executive or brand client, now what? This class is designed to help media sales professionals provide the information executives need to make decisions and help sellers win more business.

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Digital Production AC

Digital Production: Process and Profitability

Learn what it takes to make a digital production efficient and profitable. This class is designed to help you effectively define, design, develop, and deploy a digital production project.

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cannibas market masterclass

Cannabis Marketing Masterclass

The Cannabis market presents a huge opportunity for brands, advertisers, agencies, and the marketing/media community. This class will provide an overview of the business and specific challenges that marketers and advertisers need to keep in mind.

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media math atheneum collective By John Yi

Media Math: Understanding the Changing Landscape of ROI

CPM, CPvM, CPI, CPA, CPL⁠—there are many ways to measure media effectiveness. This class will dive deep into every metric to understand the benefits and ROI of different advertising pricing models

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AC course turbocharge Influencer marketing

Turbocharge your Brand with Influencer Marketing

As more advertising moves toward Influencer Marketing, this class offers brands the opportunity to learn from experts how to get the most from your budget.

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Fundamentals of AR/VR for Brands

Is the promise of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality real or hype? This class will explain the technologies, how consumers engage with them, and how to craft a strategy around them to reach your marketing goals.

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