By Paul Santello, SVP, Director of Retail Media Group at RPA

Struggling with how to be an effective media seller in the middle of a pandemic or a crisis? We know times are hard for people right now on all sides of the advertising business. Here are my five sales tips in a time of crisis:

  1. This is not the time for a “business as usual” check-in. Many clients are cutting budgets and rethinking strategies. It’s not a good idea to reach out and say “hey can we catch up” or “can I get an intro to so and so?” It will come across as tone-deaf. When the crisis is over you don’t want that to be how they think of you.
  2. What agency people need right now is the insight into how consumers are behaving with respect to media under lockdown. What are they using more of? Less of? If you can provide this insight, this is valuable and worthy of reaching out to share with agencies and clients.
  3. Think about how consumers are behaving, and how what you’re selling can support that. Do you have expertise in supporting eCommerce, gaming, streaming services, online education, basic consumer staples? If so, bring that thinking to the forefront. 
  4. Flexibility is key. Flexibility in getting creative live/on-air and on the flip side taking down creative or canceling media buys. If you can relax your typical IAB/contract terms, you will stand out in the crowd. 
  5. Be patient and helpful, not aggressive. It’s a challenging time for everyone and you may need to adjust your expectations for what you are able to achieve in the short term. 

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